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Izar commission by Pirate-Cashoo
Izar commission
Starting this off with a commission I owed to :iconelissinia: of a colored sketch bust (more like waistup) of her OC Izar
Hey guys, it's been quite some time.

Well I went through a lot of really, really horrible stuff that directly caused my huge downfall, and then even more horrible stuff after that, and was homeless multiple times, and honestly that's probably not what you all want to hear and that can be saved for a different post at a later time or whatever. Really heavy stuff though. I am...really, really sorry for putting you all through this. An apology doesn't even cover it though.

What's more important is how I'm going to fix this situation I got myself into. For the first time since mid-2013, I now have a tablet and access to a laptop (it's my roommate's, but he's letting me do all the work I need to on it at any time for as long as I need). I'm in a stable place, and money/rent is not an issue for me right now. I am extremely grateful.

I've already sent out e-mails to every customer I know that I owe (names listed below), asking whether they would rather have their art or their money. I've already done a couple commissions for those who still wanted their art that I got in contact with already.
As for any NSFW commissions (with the exception of a few, you know who you are), I will no longer be doing them, and I will no longer be doing the NSFW commissions that I owe (so I simply owe the money instead). Personal reasons. EDIT: By NSFW I mean more like...rape-y stuff. I'm okay with good nice consensual loving and nudes/pinups or whatever.

I'll be completely honest, I have no method of income right now. I did take some commissions this year (mostly local, but also thru tellamine), but they were traditional and I didn't have access to a tablet or laptop at that time. I'm WILLING to take on new commissions these days, and obviously payment wouldn't be made until AFTER the commission is done. Half of every commission would go to paying those I owe back. I hope that is reasonable, I do have to take care of myself after all. And if I do accept any new commissions, it'd alternate in between finishing a new one, then old (owed) one, new one, old one, etc.

Speaking of paying those I owe back, I cannot access my PayPal right now. Like, I can log into the e-mail account that's linked to my PayPal, but for some reason when I go to log into my actual PayPal account, it says there's no account by that name. I'm going to have to call PayPal about this issue. I DO know that my account is locked/limited, as it has been in some deep negatives since 2013. But I have gotten fairly recent emails/updates from PayPal on the email account linked to it, so I KNOW it hasn't been deleted altogether or anything. If anyone knows more about this sort of issue, please let me know!

In the meantime, my only method of paying people back would have to be through Moneygram. It's (mostly) international, so that's a start. 

Below is a list of those I know I owe, this includes via email, DA, FA, and HF. 

1. The warden 
2. Heliossa 
3. Sresla
4. Sobela 
5. Chris L. 
6. Brii B. 
7. Eve
8. Lim90 
9. Databank  
10. GentlemanPlayer 
11. Arania
12. Heilei 
13. Brett B.
14. Blake S.
15. Dawn2069
16. Misty B.
17. Eva I.
18. Nikky N. 
19. Mikael F.
20. PF
21. Megan Y.
22. Remma
23. David I.
24. Malacy L. 
25. Niels DJ 
26. Simply Indescribable
27. Oenemal 
28. Melanie C. 
29. Pavan J. 
30. Terrah T.
31. Nicokialalai
32. Eyline 
33. Tsurupettan
34. Minami 
35. LadyLoki
36. Svarta perlan
37. Awesome-ersauce
38. Helge S.
39. BellaMuerte
40. Ronald O.
41. Layla H. 
42. Elementrexx 
43. Sonja P.
44. Indram
45. Taylor D.
46. Jamie N.
47. Koryander/Allosaurus
48. Ariakitty
49. Sandro T.
50. Auger8 
51. Jarmenj 
52. RedCatastrophe 
53. Chris D.
54. Cb
55. Aaron 
56. Jamie F.
57. Kennymap
58. Rae Rae
59. ArterialSquid
60. Flack the Jack
61. Becky 
62. James P.
63. Dan M.
64. Jessica H.
65. Purple1980 
66. Nathan S. 
67. Vargos
68. Gubel Z.
69. Dick-Nation 
70. Celine L. 
71. Oneeyeddoe 
72. Scratchtastic 
73. DC 
74. H. Alexander V.
75. DamiaRoncartia
76. Rgromek
77. Hexxia
78. Nicolas M.
79. Christopher T. 
80. Laersect 
81. John K.
82. Daniel L.
83. The Guy
84. Allan M.
85. Ven N.
86. Sarah C.
87. Luke C.
88. Dartoung 
89. Yamiikarus
90. Isaac H. 
91. Missgizmo 
92. Nixxia 
93. Bob G.
94. Cait
95. Rusty B. 
96. Jessie 
97. Goddessbeat 
98. Spookycrypt
99. Missxgrinz 
100. Amasov 
101. Inhereisatragedy
102. Kanatasama
103. Xxvidaxx
104. Missrazorblades
105. Icee ---
106. AyaReiko ---
107. TheMeleni ---
108. Seababy250
109. Yukigoesrawr
110. Ta-kun666
111. Camychan
112. Lorenafa
113. Karhulol
114. Foegs
115. Maxblackrabbit
116. Warshield22 


Cachét W.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

I do my best to live a life by love, truth, and logic. I don't claim to be perfect at anything, but I'm always open to giving and receiving new insight. Life is simply one giant learning experience, and the human potential is limitless.
Art is why I breathe, and I want to share it with the world in attempt to further growth in myself and in others along my journey.

Tumblr/art blog


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rexxon99 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey folks,

Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I go by elementrexx or rexxon99 on various sites and way back when I made a Google Doc to list out the commissions that people were waiting for from Cashoo.

Since she has apparently reemerged and is attempting to make good I thought folks might want a refresher of what was going on back then. 

Hopefully this helps folks remember what their commissions were and so on. 

Krauserlols Featured By Owner Edited Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
love, truth yeah pretty much me, Logic? thats highly devatible. what seems logical for one may not be for the other. Then again maybe thats Dark SOuls 2 sliping into my world again.

I love your OC btw, looks like someone my girl Reniko would date, or build for that matter..
alainvalchera Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Great artist and a person deserving a safe place just as anyone. Hope everything works out. I'd love to work with her when she gets back on her feet (I'm an editor for books and board games on South America). Our thoughts are with you.
sobela Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I just hope that things works out for her and that she finds somewhere safe until she gets back on her feet.
But I still stand on my offer if she ever starts a patreon account I will give what I can to help.
I would right now but I have no way to do so seeing as she does not have a paypal account anymore.
Be safe Cashoo and ur still a ok person good luck.Huggle! 
tureynul Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
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