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About Digital Art / Professional Cachet W.24/Female/United States Groups :iconbioshockfanatics: Bioshockfanatics
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Cachet W.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

23, They/them. ART = LIFE. I currently live & breathe JJBA and Kaiji

Tumblr/art blog
JoJo art blog

P.S. Y'all have my permission to use my art for anything except commercial purposes! And you can use it wherever you want, just don't claim you drew/painted the pictures. A link back to my DA or tumblr would be preferred as well.


GHOULS by Pirate-Cashoo
the ghoul companions in Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4...Charon, Raul Tejada, and Hancock, respectively. I love the Fallout series and I LOVE ghouls even more!! Personally, my favorite is Raul, but I really do love them all.

I was gonna upload them separately, but they look way better all together. :) Click Download for bigger version!
Bathing with Skeletons
yaaaay Cashoo! I love drawing her :heart: finally got some time between commissions to do this.

This is my submission to an artbook called Titties and Fangs. the theme of the book is sexy pinups of monster girls and demon girls. My art group and I will be selling it at Denver Comic Con!

This is the censored version, the uncensored version is in the artbook ;)
Hellboy by Pirate-Cashoo
This was a commission I did from Dink! Comic & Art Expo in Denver. I might move this to scraps later, but I wanted to post it because I'm actually really happy with it. I love Hellboy's design, so it was a pleasure to draw him! I also really love the style of the comics, so I inserted a little bit of influence into it. :) Also, sorry for the terrible camera sucks and I don't have a scanner...

Done on bristol with copic multiliners and copic markers
a little picture I did in between commissions to celebrate the 4th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure getting an anime adaption! aaahh the first episode was so good!

I didn't get enough time to fit in Jotaro...he's probably off at the shore, looking out for dolphins...

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HolocaustReaper Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016
Glad to see you creating again. Been a fan of your work since City of Heroes day :D (Hence my profile pic :p)
Hopefully this means things have gotten or getting better for you and continue to do so :D

Looking forward to future work.
Argent25 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
Question: can I use the style of Cashoo, (the character, not the artist that is you) as a sort of outline for one of mine; primarily the outfit style and body type? I've been writing a story, and long before finding your character, I had made a siren who I couldn't get to look right, then I saw your work and thought, "That's almost perfect, but probably best ask the artist before using their oc as a sort of template." If not, the character is still in flux, and it's going to be a novel rather than a comic anyway, but still, it's polite to ask.
Pirate-Cashoo Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I totally don't own the body type (short, curvy, wide hips/thick thighs), so that's fine. But what do you mean by outfit style? I mean Cashoo usually wears short shorts and a corset, sometimes a bikini top, so those aren't really original ideas of mine either lol. I don't mind, just please don't trace over artwork of her to use as a template and don't blatantly copy anything from her design and it should be fine. thank you for asking!
SchwarzeSchatten Featured By Owner May 17, 2016
It's so good to see you creating art again! Hope you are not being burdened with all the naysayers and continue to let your talent shine. It's very honorable of you to be making an honest effort of making amends and catching up on past commitments. Wishing you the very best, Cashoo! 
Pirate-Cashoo Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
thank you for the kind comment! Fortunately I haven't really had any naysayers, and I really don't think anyone is in much of a position to say bad things because I am acting on my word. So far, I have 31 out of 118 owed commissions out of the way. It's still gonna take a long time (like I will still most likely be working on these owed commissions a year from now), but I'd rather spend good time on them than rush them. I go by a strict schedule and I am completing everything on time. So I think that's really helping. thank you!! :heart:
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